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No promotion: Is this discrimination?

Residents of Boise and other nearby areas of Idaho may be wondering about whether being passed over for a promotion may be discrimination. Workplace promotion discrimination is illegal, and it may also affect your future potential.

Harassing, as well as denying a promotion to a person who is eligible, is illegal. Denying a promotion may be another form of discrimination.

Workplace discrimination of any type is illegal

Promotion discrimination denies a person of future prospects and is not legal. However, it may be difficult to prove. Employers are not allowed to make decisions for their business based solely on a person’s gender, race, age, religious affiliation, disability or national origin. Employment law requires that employers must make their decisions based on business requirements regardless of the other factors. There is an exception if the job requires a specific characteristic.

Protected factors are there for a reason

If you feel that you have passed over for a job promotion because of discrimination, you may have a case against your employer. You should keep track of the discriminatory incidents. You may request a review of your personnel file to see if the information is accurate or if anyone has added or removed anything. In the meantime, keep performing your duties, so there is no issue against you.

You may need to file with the EEOC

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is the federal agency that handles complaints regarding discrimination in the workplace. It enforces federal civil rights laws. Those who have experienced employment promotion discrimination may contact the agency or fill out a form.

The next step may be finding a lawyer to see if you can initiate a lawsuit. He or she can help you file the complaint with the EEOC. An attorney can also answer your questions and concerns about your promotion and discrimination.

If you feel that there has been discrimination at your workplace or if you are a business and have questions concerning employment law, it may be wise to consult an attorney with experience and knowledge of this area. He or she may help protect your rights as well as advise you of the best course of action.