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What to do if you are the victim of pregnancy discrimination

Idaho is full of people who take pride in earning a living by working hard. Unfortunately, some adults find themselves victims of workplace discrimination. While this type of behavior can happen in many ways, some employers illegally target workers based on pregnancies.

What is pregnancy discrimination in the workplace?

Pregnancy discrimination involves treating an employee differently based on being pregnant, recently giving birth, getting an abortion or dealing with medical conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth.

This type of discrimination can occur in many ways. Here are the most common examples of companies committing workplace discrimination:

  • Firing an employee without a justifiable reason
  • Denying a worker reasonable workplace accommodations
  • Harassing or allowing others to harass an employee
  • Cutting an employee’s hours or pay rate

Steps to take after pregnancy discrimination occurs

Pregnancy discrimination violates state and federal employment laws. Fortunately, workplace discrimination victims can legally fight back against such unjust treatment. If you believe you’re the victim of pregnancy-based discrimination, it’s imperative to document the incidents and examples of discrimination against you.

The next step is to file an official complaint through your employer. Unfortunately, some employers will do less than other companies when discrimination occurs. That’s why it’s essential to also file a complaint against your employer through the Idaho Human Rights Commission or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. If you feel safe to speak about your incident, you can also directly discuss it with a manager or leader.

When filing a discrimination claim against an employer, it’s best to act sooner rather than later.