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How can employers avoid FMLA disputes and confusion?

Idaho companies that have 50 or more employees are required to comply with the Family and Medical Leave Act. If a worker falls ill or needs to care for a sick family member and fits certain criteria, they may request up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave. Employers can protect themselves from disputes by taking these steps.

Create and provide a policy on FMLA leave

Employment law requires creating a clear and concise policy on the Family and Medical Leave Act and providing it to your employees. Instructions should be simple and explanatory so that everyone can understand them regardless of their job title.

Ensure that employees know about their rights

Employees should be made aware of their rights under the FMLA. If they are unaware that the law even exists, they won’t know that they have the right to take off time if they are dealing with a serious health condition. Notify your staff about their rights through postings in common areas such as lunchrooms and via email. You can even create a handbook to distribute to all employees to make them aware of the FMLA.

Require employees to certify their leave

If anyone needs to request time off to tend to their own serious medical condition or that of a family member, they can do so in writing by using forms you provide to them. Instruct your employees that they must provide this certification within 15 days of when they intend to take leave per the FMLA if that’s possible.

Keep clear records

Maintain clear records of FMLA leave as required by law. It serves a dual purpose in protecting your company and your employees. It prevents uneven leave and potential disputes.

Staying on top of FMLA leave rules and procedures ensures that you’re in compliance and that employees know what to expect.