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Can you lose your job without an explanation?

The short answer is that you can get fired without any explanation if you are an at-will employee. Since most employees in Idaho and the United States are at-will employees, firing workers without furnishing explanations is now the norm. In turn, at-will employees do not have to offer any reasons to their employers when they quit their jobs. Even so, giving an employer advance notice is courteous if not required. Leaving notice can make a difference when you apply for other jobs.

Job security in the present day

Your father or grandfather may have worked at the same company for decades without experiencing any negative issues from their employers. In today’s complex society, job security no longer exists for at-will employees.

Exceptions to the at-will rule

According to employment law, an employer cannot fire you because of your ethnicity or religious beliefs. An employer cannot dismiss you if you are a whistleblower. In addition, working in a hostile work environment gives you the right to quit your job as an at-will employee.

Did you sign a contract?

You might have specific legal rights related to losing your job if you and your employer signed a contract. Unlike an at-will situation that gives an employer the right to fire you without cause or advance notice, a contract may offer you legal protection.

Unemployment benefits and the law

Collecting unemployment benefits is a possibility if you were down-sized or laid off from work. Although an employer is not required to give you a reason for termination as an at-will employee, firing you without cause may entitle you to receive unemployment benefits.