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What constitutes a reasonable accommodation?

Employers in Idaho and throughout the country are generally required to make reasonable accommodations for their employees. This may mean that you are given more time to complete assignments, are allowed to sit down while working or have permission to work a modified schedule. Although your employer may make accommodations on its own, you will likely need to ask for them yourself.

What is considered reasonable?

A reasonable accommodation is one that allows a qualified individual to do his or her job without creating an undue burden for an employer. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issues guidance on a regular basis as to other criteria that can be used to evaluate if a request for accommodations should be granted. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) also provides more insight into whether such a request should be granted.

The criteria used to evaluate a request

According to the ADA, the size of a company can be used to justify classifying a request for workplace modifications as unreasonable. Companies may also use the cost of implementing a workplace modification as justification for why they cannot help an employee overcome a physical or mental limitation. Finally, a modification may be seen as unreasonable if it impacts multiple departments or if a company simply doesn’t have the resources to implement it in an adequate and timely manner.

You have rights prior to being hired

Asking questions about your mental or physical health prior to extending a job offer may be an example of disability discrimination. However, a company can ask that you take a physical or submit to other forms of medical testing after you have been hired.

If you believe that you were denied reasonable workplace accommodations, it may be worthwhile to take legal action against your employer. In the event that you were terminated after attempting to obtain a modification, it may be possible to obtain compensation for lost wages or other damages. You may also be entitled to reinstatement to your former position within the company.