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Tesla sued for discrimination and harassment

People in all industries deserve Idaho workplaces that are fair and free of illegal practices. Unfortunately, some workers face problems regularly. Recently, Tesla was hit with yet another lawsuit alleging discrimination and harassment.

What is the lawsuit about?

The lawsuit was filed by 15 Black former Tesla employees who have accused the company of racial discrimination and harassment. The claim was filed on June 30, 2022 and states that Tesla’s factories are hostile work environments that target Black employees.

A previous lawsuit was filed against Tesla in February 2022. It came after an investigation was done on the company and found that one particular factory was racially segregated in spite of all the laws making this practice illegal.

In the latest lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim that Tesla routinely passes up Black employees for promotions and that those workers are repeatedly subjected to offensive language, racial slurs and graffiti in the restrooms. They also reported that they were routinely given more physically demanding tasks in their jobs.

Employees facing physical threats

One of the 15 plaintiffs even stated in the lawsuit that he was physically tackled by an employee while working for Tesla. He said that he reported the incident to his manager, who downplayed it and told him that things like that happened all the time there.

The man also stated that he faced harassment from another coworker who threw metallic items at him. When he reported it, nothing was done.

A female plaintiff said that she faced racial and sexual harassment from coworkers and managers but that no disciplinary action was taken. She stated that instead, she faced workplace retaliation for making complaints.

Another former Tesla employee who participated in the February lawsuit stated that she also faced continuous harassment from a coworker who assaulted her by throwing a hot grinding tool at her. Although she said she reported the person’s behavior, no action was ever taken.

No one should ever face discrimination or harassment in the workplace. If you have been a victim, you have the right to report these illegal behaviors.