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Real Estate Ownership With a Quiet Title

A quiet title lawsuit is a way for a homeowner in Indiana to resolve any and all outstanding issues related to the ownership of the property. When there is a lingering question about the ownership of the house, then this litigation can put an end to them.

Quiet title action

There are several reasons why a title could have issues with its ownership. For example, in some cases, a house has been through foreclosure at some point in the recent past. In those cases, there could be old liens against the house that were filed by the bank that owned the mortgage and similar complications. These often slip through the cracks and persist through the process of a new buyer making a move to buy. It can cause all kinds of complications if the ownership is murky, so as a condition of a sale, banks often require a quiet title process.

The objective of this process is to use the services of a title search company to scan the history of the title to the property for any unresolved issues and put them to rest. Quiet title litigation is a series of steps designed to ensure that it is clear who owns the property and remove all other claims to ownership that might be left over. This leads to a cleaned title that can then be sold on to the next owner without any problems.

Quiet title actions are a key step in a real estate sale because they ensure that the new owner will not be bogged down in any legal problems related to old claims to the title.