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Dealing with Acceleration Claims in Boise

Have you recently been involved with a construction project in Boise, Idaho? You may have been forced to deal with delays that were due to any number of causes. The contractor you are dealing with may have presented a plan for acceleration. You may have agreed to this without thinking through all of the consequences.

Why Can Project Acceleration Be a Danger?

There are several reasons why project acceleration can occur. It may happen through unavoidable delays that the contractor is held responsible for by the owner.

The contractor may ask for more time to allow the project to come to completion. The owner of the property may refuse to allow this extra time. At this point, the contractor may choose to accelerate the schedule in order to get the project done in a timely manner.

However, in doing so, they may expose workers on the project to any number of additional safety hazards. This may result in an accident for which both the contractor and the owner are held responsible.

Always Be Aware of Current Construction Laws

Whether you are the owner of the property or the contractor in charge of constructing it, acceleration is always an option on the table. But it may not be the one that is truly best for your current or future needs. You need to be aware of commercial construction law and how it relates to you.

It may a good idea to speak to legal experts in the field of commercial construction. This will be the best source of info that could keep you on the right side of the law as you bring your current project to completion.