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Racial discrimination in hiring

A notable percentage of people of color in Idaho and elsewhere in the United States indicate that they have been subjected to racial discrimination on the job. Racial discrimination appears to raise its head at a number of different junctures during the interview and hiring process.

Unfair treatment during and following callback interviews

An alarming statistic involves people who believe they have been the victims racial discrimination in hiring and callback interviews. Racial discrimination during the hiring process is wholly inappropriate according to all applicable provisions of employment law in Idaho and in other U.S. jurisdictions.

A majority of these individuals suspected that they were the victims of racial discrimination during or after a callback interview. They had not previously identified racial discrimination during the application process before they appeared in person. Just under 60% believed they were racially discriminated against during the interview process, and 30% felt racial discrimination occurred during negotiations for a position of employment. About 25% of people of color believed they were subjected to racial discrimination at the time they applied for a job.

Sharp divide among races regarding the prevalence of hiring discrimination

Not all people in the United States have similar views of hiring discrimination. For example, 57% percent of Black Americans stated that people of color are treated less fairly during the hiring process at their own companies. This compares to 25% of white individuals.

If you believe that you’ve been subjected to racially motivated hiring discrimination, an employment law attorney may provide information about your important legal rights. You can arrange a meeting with a practicing attorney to discuss your options for recourse. There normally is no fee charged for an initial appointment with a lawyer.