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Tips for preventing common construction disputes

When you work in commercial construction, you will likely encounter disputes from clients at some point. While disputes are inevitable, many are preventable if you take steps to mitigate issues that lead to disputes. Whether you’re a general contractor or project manager, you likely understand how frustrating a dispute can be when you’re working on a commercial project. Not only do disputes delay the project, but they can also be very costly to everyone involved. If you’re aware of some of the most common disputes, you may be able to take action to prevent a serious issue with your client.

Read and reread the contract

Many construction disputes occur due to a misunderstanding of the contract. As a professional, you likely understand the importance of thoroughly reading and understanding the contract. But your client may not. It’s often helpful to review the entire contract with a client to be sure they are aware of the terms and conditions. Give them a chance to ask questions and be sure to let the client know that any changes made to the project should be in the contract.

Maintain the schedule when possible

Many things can happen on a construction site that will delay the project. Some events are simply not avoidable, and delays happen frequently, which can be costly and frustrating for everyone involved. Develop a schedule before a project begins, and try to stick with it when at all possible. But you should also make your client aware that delays can happen, and be sure that your contract details what will happen if there is a significant delay to the project.

Delegate for efficiency

Many managers and bosses struggle to delegate tasks to others. However, delegating jobs to qualified workers can keep a project on task and increase efficiency on the construction site. If you’re able to let go of some of the control and trust your workers, you can better oversee the project, which can prevent errors and delays. This can significantly reduce your chances of dealing with a dispute about your work.

Review when the project is complete

Once the project is complete, it’s helpful to go over everything with your client. Do a thorough walk-through to allow your client to see the results and ask questions. You may resolve some minor issues more easily this way, preventing the client from disputing the work later.

Construction disputes can delay a project and cost everyone more money. When a dispute happens in Idaho, it’s best to seek legal advice immediately. An attorney with knowledge of construction law can provide you with guidance on how best to resolve the dispute.