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Is it time to file a quiet title action?

Idaho is a state that is home to many beautiful properties. With that said, disputes can arise when a party is trying to sell or buy a property without it having a clean title. If this happens, one way to resolve this matter is to file a quiet title action. Here’s more information about a quiet title action and why this can be beneficial.

What’s a quiet title action?

A quiet title action is a popular way to resolve title disputes. The main goal of a quiet title action is to help clear up a title with defects, disputed interest, or one that has multiple claims to it.

Quiet title action claims are typically brought forth by investors after a property gets purchased through a tax deed sale. These sales typically override any prior liens against a property. While a prior lender might no longer have any interest or backing in a property, this party’s claim won’t get removed until a quiet title action resolves this situation.

What situations can quiet title actions resolve?

While it sounds simple, a quiet title action can resolve a wide range of problems. Some of the disputes resolved by a quiet title action include:

  • Handling arguments about shared driveways or entryways
  • Taking care of deed errors
  • Removing a party’s prior claim of ownership
  • Resolving prior liens on a property

In closing, a quiet title action is often used to resolve disputes between two or more parties concerning a property’s title. In most cases, the entire quiet title action process takes six to eight weeks to resolve and costs thousands of dollars.