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Experienced Employment Law Lawyers Handling Unpaid Wages Disputes

The lawyers at McConnell Wagner Sykes + Stacey, PLLC have extensive experience handling wage claims for employees and advising businesses on wage claim issues. Our attorneys have prepared wage claims for employees and advised businesses on regarding these issues throughout the state of Idaho.

Idaho law allows employees to pursue claims for unpaid wages against employers. “Wages” may include hourly wages, salary, commissions, bonuses, severance and most other benefits that an employer agrees to pay pursuant to the terms of your employment.

The Idaho Wage Claim Act requires an employer to pay all wages owed upon termination of employment, regardless of whether an employee is fired or laid off, within 10 business days of the termination date or by the next regularly scheduled payday, whichever is sooner.

If an employer fails to pay all compensation due and owing by the statutory deadline, the employee is entitled to recover the sum of three times its unpaid compensation (and potentially attorney’s fees and legal costs).

If you have recently been laid off or terminated from your job and your employer has withheld pay, the experienced lawyers at McConnell Wagner Sykes + Stacey, PLLC are prepared to discuss your rights under the Idaho Wage Claim Act with you. It is important to act quickly, however. Some wage claims must be filed within 6 months from the date your employment was terminated.

If you have recently terminated or laid off an employee and you have withheld pay, our attorneys are prepared to discuss your legal options and obligations under the Idaho Wage Claim Act. It is important to act immediately, however. The failure to pay wages due and owing within 10 days or the next scheduled payday may create liability for treble damages plus attorneys fees and legal costs.

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